iPad Course Pack

In the Fall 2010 semester, The Stern School of Business ran an iPad pilot project in partnership with XanEdu Inc to deliver custom designed coursepacks to iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch devices. The MBA coursepacks contained required and recommended readings and cases. The pilot ran in more than 50 MBA courses. Students accessed the content via the iBooks application that allowed them to create notes, highlight, bookmark and search within the cases. In addition, students were able to easily access web resources. The pilot was met with enthusiasm and support by the Stern MBA students, 97% of the students who participated in the end of the pilot recommended that we continue this initiative. In addition, our students’ direct feedback greatly influenced XanEdu in the development of their XanEdu iPad App. Students suggested a number of functionalities which was implemented in the first release of the App in early December. The delivery of high value content on mobile devices like the iPad that can support color coupled with the ease of use, read and basic note-taking functionality made the pilot an ultimate success at Stern. We are expanding this project in spring 2011 to incorporate additional programs and populations at Stern.

To evaluate the project the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) at Stern conducted interviews, surveys and focus group meetings with students. During the fall semester our MBA students were integral in providing feedback to XanEdu Inc in development of their iPad App. You can hear the students speak about their experiences with the pilot at the YouTube link provided in the Additional URL section.